The Mom Ministry paperback book
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For those who are wanting to see the fullness of the power and presence of God at work through their parenting and leadership while reaching and training up the next generation! The Mom Ministry is teaching them how!

The Mom Ministry is awakening and changing the vision of parents and leaders around the world, to reaching the next generation in a way that causes them to rely fully upon the presence and power of God. This generation is like none other, and this message takes readers by the hand and meets today's intense challenges head on with a vision that is more 'caught' than 'taught'. Each page was written after Author and international minister, Lisa Hartell, stepped out of her prayer and worship room. It's an eye opening and anointed guide packed with scripture and revelation for Holy Spirit powered parenting. In a culture of watered down gospel, spiritism, New Age, false teaching and deceptive doctrines, knowledge is not enough to raise children to overcome all the danger and dark forces that continually stalk them. Families are facing challenges that only the presence and power of Almighty God can deliver them through. The Holy Spirit holds the keys for God's plan in your home and family! His vision for parenting includes closeness with God,a spiritual and eternal view of all that is going on around you and is far higher than the one we see for ourselves. Lives and families around the world are being restored, powerfully impacted by this eye-opening revelation, and refreshed with hope, faith and the deep love of the Father. As you read, all you need is to open the door of your heart to Him...God has more for you and your family than you ever imagined.

Paperback, 188 pages, published by Ignite Publications ©2004.

The Mom Ministry paperback book

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