The Bridal Changing Room paperback
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Get ready to see yourself and others through the eyes and heart of Jesus. If you desire to:

  • grow in compassion for the lost, hurting and captive in your family, community and organization
  • are a man who has struggled with seeing yourself as the Bride of Christ or have struggled with seeing Jesus as your bridegroom
  • desire to discover and take "your place" in the body of Christ
  • have felt overlooked in your gifting or calling
  • have struggled with the failures and inabilities of yoruself and others
  • grow in walking in 'oneness' with Christ and His body

In approximately 45 minutes, you'll experience the heart and passion of Jesus and experience a look at the journey of entering and being transformed in the Kingdom of God. Many lives have been changed by this anointed and visionary message, and have been inspired to love others like never before.

The Bridal Changing Room paperback book

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