Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist paperback
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While families remain unaware, busy, and distracted, the spirit of antichrist has been feverishly at work to draw in a generation that is completely unaware of his schemes. God is unmasking this extremely seductive and deceptive spirit and is sounding the alarm. Through a prophetic dream and interpretation that God gave Lisa Hartell, every page unfolds a heart-stopping picture of what is happening in homes around the world. Be awakened to God's call and victorious plan for you and your family! Time is short! Arise and enter into true spiritual safety! This life saving message will help you: 

  • Discover how you and your family can avoid being deceived in these last days.
  • See God's path to safety for you and your family.
  • Heart Check Section - questions to help you realign your priorities and thinking to God's priorities.
  • Be freed from the fears of the future and the devil's power to deceive and pull your children   away from God.
  • Rekindle a passion for a closer walk with Jesus in your home and be moved out of complacency.

SPECIAL SECTION:  Tips for dream interpretation to help you accurately interpret what the Spirit of God may be speaking to you and your family. Learn to discern and receive God's interpretation!


Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist

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