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The Mom Ministry  an eye-opening 188-page guide like no other. Author and International minister, Lisa Hartell, delivers a powerful message that is equipping and empowering families around the world to recognize and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.

"The power and presence of God that we see in the Book of Acts was always intended by God to be used in your home and is available to your family", says Lisa.

In a media and entertainment-driven world that is pumping out a watered-down gospel, false doctrine, occult, new age, spiritism and teaching, The Mom Ministry was mandated by God in 2003 to equip parents to lead biblically, spiritually, and victoriously in their homes and families! This move of God and anointed end-time message was birthed by the Holy Spirit and has been spreading all over the world impacting families in eternal and supernatural ways. Lives are being changed as this message bears fruit that glorifies God and awakens people of all ages.

The Mom Ministry will open your spiritual eyes and equip you to stand boldly and victoriously against the powers of darkness that are coming against your family, marriages, children, grandchildren and the next generation. You were made by God to defeat the enemy! It's time for your family to arise in the power of the Holy Spirit and be freed by His power.

Topics covered: Intercession/prayer, learning to let the Holy Spirit lead (fully) in your everyday life, healing, restoration of the family, deliverence, The Kingdom of God in your home, discernment, hearing God's voice, gifts of prophecy, understanding and excersicing your spiritual authority in Christ, how to see and obtain ETERNAL and TRUE CHANGE in your family. Published by Ignite Publications©2004.


Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist 208 page paperback

Pastor Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor of King's University, says the following about this newly released book:


"Nothing could be more timely or essential for today's parents than the discerning and instructive counsel presented by Lisa Hartell in this book. May God grant more and more leaders who will bring such spiritual help and biblical wisdom to all of us charged by God to receive the treasure of a child and thus the task to raise them in an increasingly dark and paganized world."

BACK COVER: While spiritually sleeping families remain busy and distracted, the Spirit of Antichrist has been feverishly at work to draw in a generation that is completely unaware of his schemes. God is unmasking this extremely seductive and deceptive spirit and is sounding the alarm. Through a prophetic dream and interpretation that God gave Lisa, every page unfolds a heart-stopping picture of what is happening in homes around torld. Be spiritually awakened to God's call and victorious plan for you and your family! Time is short! Arise and enter into true spiritual safety! This life saving message will help you:

  • Discover how you and your family can avoid being deceived in these last days.
  • See God's path to safety for you and your family.
  • Heart Check Section: includes questions to help you realign your priorities and thinking to God's priorities.
  • Be freed from the fears of the future and the enemy's power to deceive and pull your children away from God.
  • Rekindle a passion for a closer walk with Jesus in your home and be moved out of complacency.

SPECIAL SECTION  Includes a special section of excellent tips and biblical principals for accurate dream interpretation to help you interpret what God may be speaking to you and your family! Learn to discern God's interpretation to your dreams.

Published by Ignite Publications©2010.

2-Book Bundle - FREE Shipping!

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